Talent Center Team

Alexandra Micu

Our Fearless Dreamer

At 26 years old, Alexandra became Human Resources Director for an Italian company, Rovere Mobili, located in Bucharest. After 4 years in this role, Alexandra decided to start up her own business. And so, Talent Center was born!

Barbara Asare

Champion of happiness

Barbara Asare has been a Human Resources coach and trainer in employee engagement, leadership and career development for the past 10 years. Previously she was the Human Resources Director for the Marriot Marquis Hotel - San Francisco

Roxana Persa

The intuitive

Roxana believes that intuition is one of the most important capacity of an HR, followed by empathy and passion. She consider herself to be a little bit of every person she met and every experience she had, and she is certain that everything happens for a reason.

Andreea Radu

The Ambitious Recruiter

Andreea welcomes every day with joy and eagerness of descovering new experiences and meeting new people. She learns from every new experience and likes helping others do the same.

Daniela Enache

The Learner

Daniela has chosen to study Human Resources because she believes that the right people in the right places can change the World. She is optimistic and enthusiast and every interaction that she has with the persons that come for an interview is full of joy.

Nicoleta Griciuc

Passionate about the online field which she considers to be her second Universe, Nicoleta likes to communicate for brands and share their amazing stories. By choosing the right words and the right channels to send out the messages, she shapes their identity. Her main goal is to create solid and longtime relations with her clients.

Alexandru Micu

Alexandru is a professional photographer that generates genuine smiles from each person in from of his camera. Before a photo shooting, he often hears from his customers: "I'm not photogenic!". Almost everytime, after the photo session, that initial reply from the clients transforms into "Oh, I look wonderful!".

Honorary members

Carol Basset

The Source of Calmness

I am Carol from Basset Hound race, a therapeutic dog specially trained to help you get rid of your worries. If you want a different kind of therapy, one that can help you become more creative and more productive at the office, I'm here for you.

Ranya Basset

The soul of the office

I am Ranya and I know to Love and Play. I really am a specialist and I can teach you how to do it. Lets have some fun together!